What Is ReCare?

Our uniquely comprehensive and customizable approach to maintaining the practice/patient relationship. ReCare goes beyond the cursory connection established by simply doing recalls to include additional services like verification of insurance, contact lens notification, reminder calls and post visit “Happy” calls. ReCare is providing continuing care, well beyond the point of the initial phone call.
DATAppointment is ReCare!

Net Promoter Score

Offered as a special service to our Vision Source clients, our quick (3 minute) patient survey is an essential tool for boosting the Net Promoter Score associated with your practice.

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Patient Recalls / Pre-Appointments

We call your patients to schedule their exams and follow-up visits via remote access from our call center, allowing us to display your office number as the identifying caller. We keep track of all patients we contact, and we diligently follow-up with each patient who hasn’t scheduled as a result of our initial call. We update all demographic and insurance information, and we relay all patient feedback to you. We are able to contact patients after-hours and on weekends, since we are open when your office is closed, thereby increasing our recall success rate.

Daily Confirmation Calls

We call your patients 24 to 48 hours before their confirmed appointment time. We also ensure payment arrangements are established as a part of the confirmation process (insurance, private pay, Care Credit, etc.). In the event of a cancellation, we reschedule patients while we have them on the phone, and then we focus on filling the vacant appointment slots to ensure that your schedule is full.

Cancellations / No Shows

While making daily confirmation calls, we contact and reschedule patients who have missed or cancelled their appointments from the day before. Our prompt follow-up prevents your patients from “falling through the cracks.” At the end of every month, we get a second “bite at the apple,” when we follow-up with all patients who still haven’t rescheduled their missed appointments for that month.

Reactivation Calls

Sometimes patients need a gentle reminder to come back. We call to reactivate patients who have not been seen for the past 3-5 years.

Insurance Verifications / Authorizations

In order to maximize scheduling potential, we not only verify and authorize your patients’ eligibilities, but we also check on the eligibilities of their family members and schedule those who are eligible, thereby increasing the opportunity of bringing in additional revenue.

Insurance Billing / Collections

In addition to handling all your billing and collection needs, we have in-house counsel available to assist in collecting any unpaid claims, when necessary.

Patient Billing / Soft Collections

We handle your profit recovery and bring your outstanding debtors current. Our system of debt recovery ensures the preservation of a lasting patient/doctor relationship, while still producing results. Often thought of as a lost cause, soft collections can actually be quite profitable when approached correctly.

Incoming Calls

Our 24/7 call center answers your incoming calls, allowing us to schedule appointments in real-time and transfer calls anywhere, as needed. This allows us to become your virtual front office while you provide exceptional patient care.

Reminder Calls

We make contact lens supply reminder calls, and we notify patients when their orders are ready.

Happy Calls

We love to know your patients are happy—so we call them after they have had an encounter with your office to ensure their satisfaction with new glasses or contacts, and that their office visit exceeded their expectations. We promptly address and resolve any potential issues and secure their loyalty for the following year. When patients are satisfied, we let them know about our unique “Share the Care” program which encourages referrals and generates new business for your practice.


We send postcards on behalf of your office for recalls, missed appointments, and to patients we are unable to reach by phone.

Track Your Results

We will provide you with our work product – as well as financial analyses – upon request, to ensure our contribution to your profitability.